NEW | Global Milbon Premium Treatment
Traditional Japanese elegance with contemporary refinement.

45 – 60 mins
Scalp Only – $170
Short – $150
Medium – $185
Long – $220
Extra Long – $255

Experience the Exclusive Global Milbon Premium at Number76

A rare luxury found in less than 1% of salons nationwide. This exclusive product undergoes strict evaluation, available only in select, qualified salons. Experience Japanese excellence at its finest with Global Milbon Premium.

A choice of four different treatments is available.

  • Global Milbon Premium Enhancing Vivacity Scalp Treatment (For Hair Loss and Grey Hair)
    Recommended for those who are troubled by hair loss and gray hair
    ▫Thinning hair and hair loss
    ▫Hair fades and turns white as it ages
  • Global Milbon Premium Illuminating Glow Hair Treatment (Golden Silk Ingredient)
    Recommended for those with fine, soft and naturally curly hair
    ▫Weak hair that easily tangles
    ▫Naturally curly hair makes it difficult to conform
    ▫The problem of difficulty showing gloss after
  • Global Milbon Premium Vitalizing Dimension Hair Treatment (Pearl Peptide Ingredient)
    Recommended for fine or weak hair.
    ▫Bleached hair
    ▫frequent perming and dyeing hair
    ▫ Aging and weak hair makes it difficult to apply
  • Global Milbon Premium Indulging Hydration Hair Treatment (Water Weed Extract Ingredient)
    Recommended for those with normal to thick hair
    ▫Split ends,hair curling outwards, dryness and becoming rough
    ▫ Dry or coarse hair

Global Milbon Reawaken Hair Treatment
Intensive anti-aging care to “awake” the beautiful hair with luster and moisture.

45 – 60 mins
Short – $110
Medium – $130
Long – $150
Extra Long – $170

For age-affected (aging) hair

  • A hair treatment with Global Milbon’s Hair Renewing Technology that brings shine and moisture to age-affected hair. The special Lock-in Approach in this hair treatment maintains the hair care results to help achieve more beautiful aging hair.
  • Arraying Oil – Similar to the liquid oil in the hair that smooths out misaligned hair flows and has a high shine-enhancing effect, leaving aging hair lustrous and beautiful.
  • Aqua Capturer – Increases the amount of moisture in the hair and seals the moisture in the hair.
  • Lock-in Approach – Three types of oils to keep/lock the care ingredients in the hair to promote longer lasing hair care results.

Global Milbon Smooth Hair Treatment
Indulge in the transformative experience of the Smooth Hair Treatment, designed for 360° beautiful hair.

45 – 60 mins
Short – $98
Medium – $118
Long – $138
Extra – Long $168

Ground-breaking SSVR-Silk™ Ingredient For any hair types

  • SSVR-Silk™ Ingredient: Featuring the groundbreaking SSVR-Silk™ Ingredient, this treatment is suitable for all hair types. The SSVR-Silk™ is a powerful, silk-based complex designed to go beyond addressing hollow tubular gaps formed in chemically-treated hair.
  • Enhanced Hair Integrity: The SSVR-Silk™ works diligently to enhance the overall integrity of your hair. It tackles issues such as dullness, split ends, and breakage, leaving your hair with a revitalized and healthier appearance.
  • Revolutionary System Care Concept: What sets this treatment apart is its revolutionary system care concept. It offers a holistic approach, covering everything from in-salon treatment to home care boosters and a specially curated shampoo treatment set.
  • Comprehensive Home Care Routine: This comprehensive home care routine is designed to ensure the best results for your hair. From professional in-salon treatments to specially formulated home care boosters, we’ve got your hair care needs covered.

Ultrasonic Perfect Smooth
An all-rounded treatment with scalp care added to our Ultrasonic Hair treatment that takes care of your scalp and hair needs all at once

45 – 50 mins (Scalp Only)
45 – 60 mins (Hair + Scalp)
Short $108
Medium $140
Long $166
Extra Long $178

Dual-approach Repair for all hair types


  • Effectively purify and remove excessive fatty acids on the scalp.
  • Deeply cleanses oily/dandruff scalp with the high dense carbonated foam, while promoting blood circulation with a soothing massage routine.
  • Normalize the scalp by replenishing essential moisture with the lightweight hydrating treatment for both scalp and hair.


  • Restore shine to dull hair with the damaged hair repair-focused formula.
  • Replenish moisture lost in the hair due to a decrease in proteins and lipids during the daily hair care routine.
  • Refill Cell Membrane Complex (CMC) to provide strength and elasticity to the hair.

*Exclusive birthday treatment for redemption at Number76.

Signature Ultrasonic Iron
Lighter, smoother, and stronger tresses

45 – 60mins
Short $108
Medium $138
Long $166
Extra Long $176

Double Repair Technology for dry, unruly, damaged hair due to frequent chemical services

Utilizing a cold Ultrasonic Iron that vibrates at 37,000 beats per second, separating particles of protein, water, and oil in treatment to boost treatment penetration deep into damaged hair.
*Comes with complimentary home care boosters for long-lasting results

Signature Ultrasonic Premium
Mega nourishment for ultra-softness and healthy glossy hair

60 minutes (depending on hair length and thickness)
Short $136
Medium $176
Long $196
Extra Long $218

Double Repair Technology for dry, unruly, severely damaged hair due to heavy chemical services

A major upgrade of Ultrasonic Iron Hair Treatment! 
Utilizing the same exclusive technology of high-speed vibrations, penetrating the repairing focused treatment formula into severely damaged hair for stronger texture.
*Comes with complimentary home care boosters for long-lasting results

Tansan Sparkling Scalp Wash
Instant fresh and sparkling clean scalp

Add-on – $20~
For any hair types

Power of Soda Gas Water
Utilizing the soda gas water (CO2 at 1000ppm above) for instant scalp cleansing effect and increases blood circulation.

Removes silicon build ups, leaving hair with natural bounce and shine.

Cleanses dirt and excess oil for healthy fresh scalp, enhancing absorption of nourishment for better results.

OWAY Rebuilding Hair Treatment
Customized program to restore the vitality of damaged tresses

60 – 90 mins
Short $136
Medium $168
Long $198
Extra Long $230

Intensive Regenerative Treatment for brittle, dull, and damaged hair

Utilizing OWAY Infrared and Ultrasound Iron to reconstruct the protective layer around cuticles, enhancing the reparation of the hair fiber. It also restores hair vitality and nourishment with biodynamic ingredients.

CRONNA Scalp and Hair Treatment
Immerse in the aromatic scent of CRONNA natural scalp and hair care

45 – 60 mins
Short $120
Medium $130
Long $140
Extra Long $156

Granting Shine and Smoothness to Your Locks for color-treated hair

CRONNA Common Theory
“Fading Suppression Effect” – to suppress the dye outflow with Alum that works on hair both externally and internally to tighten the cuticle of the hair surface for a long-lasting fresh look.

“Capping Effect” – to repair the hair and suppress the protein outflow with arginine and cap the cut section by hardening keratin protein.

Global Milbon Scalp Treatment
5 Troubles | 1 Solution

40 – 60 mins | $156

Healthy Scalp for Healthy Hair for oily, dry, troubled scalp

5 major scalp problems caused by unbalanced fatty acids percentage:
Itchy, dandruff, dry, sticky, smelly,

Effectively cleanses and eliminates excess fatty acid while replenishes essential moisture for a balanced, healthy scalp. Indulge in an ultra-relaxing head massage that gently cleanses your scalp while improving blood circulation with 3 scents to choose from Invigorating Citrus / Soothing Vanilla / Relaxing Rose

OWAY Herbs & Clay Peeling Cleanser
Calming sensation treatment for individual with intense daily lifestyle

60 – 90 mins | $106

Peeling With Detox Cleaning for all scalp/hair types

3 blends to choose from:
Strengthening | Stimulates microcirculation in the scalp, favoring the growth of strong and healthy hair while restoring shine to your hair.

Relaxing | Calms sensitive scalps by promoting natural detox of hair and scalp from impurities and toxins.

Antioxidant (anti-aging)  | Acts as a natural barrier against dehydration while deeply nourishing hair fiber and revives dull scalp conditions with the richness of Vitamin C.

OWAY Headspa
Multi-sensory experience head spa at Number76

120 mins | $168

Curated Headspa Program for hair loss, fatigued or sensitive scalp concerns

An aromatherapeutic treatment regenerates the mind and revitalizes the scalp and hair, complemented with the anti-aging Flowerfall ritual to deeply relax the mind and body. 

3 scalp concerns targeted treatment:
Ultra-delicate soothing treatment (for red and sensitive skin)
Immediate relief to the scalp with the delicate curated treatment steps whilst improves scalp natural defenses against external stimulants.

Purifying and regulating treatment (for oily/dry dandruff scaling)
A purifying method that combines the purifying power with delicate exfoliation to regulate scalp peeling and prevents dandruff from reappearance over time.

Detoxifying and restorative treatment (for oily scalp)
Immediate freshness with antiseptic effect, designed to regulate scalp sebum excretion, leaving scalp fresh and perfectly purified.

Anti-aging Flowerfall
Awakens the youth of scalp and hair with the infusion of organic and biodynamic floral waters, forming a protective shield against oxidative stress.

LebeL Viege Scalp and Hair Treatment
Designed for the scalp to meet individual anti-aging needs

40 – 60 mins (Scalp Only)
45 – 60 mins (Hair & Scalp)
Short $130
Medium $146
Long $156
Extra Long $166

For hair loss, oily, or dry scalp concerns

3 main scalp concerns targeted treatment
Balancing (for oily scalp) – Refresh scalp with a cooling sensation.
Soothing (for dry scalp) – Replenish moisture to troubled scalp
Anti-aging (for hair loss) – Revive thinning and lack of vitality scalp condition
*Includes a complimentary microscope analysis

Restores the elasticity of cuticles and provides natural moisture suppleness to hair for better manageability with natural goodness from vegetable extracts while improving overall hair volume and softness.

PLARMIA Scalp Treatment
Fresh healthy scalp for all

Full Course (45 – 60 mins)

Effective Cleansing Power
For troubled, sensitive scalp

Deeply cleanses the dermis layer of scalp to get rid of grease, flakes, and build up for a refreshed and odorless scalp. Keep the scalp well-nourished and complete with an ultra-relaxing head massage to promote blood circulation for better results.  

Full course
Recommended for those who prefer a thorough scalp cleansing process or with troubled scalp concerns.
Quick course
For those who opt to maintain an optimal scalp condition and quick wash.

*All courses are inclusive of complimentary microscope scalp analysis