Intensive anti-aging care –Global Milbon Reawaken Hair Treatment —

Say Goodbye to Dull & Dry Aging Hair

Your hair, like your taste in fashion and music, can give away your age. Hair changes with age just like the rest of your body. Hair can change as you age in several ways. A loss of liveliness and shine are the common symptoms of aging hair. You may even experience hair loss.

Our hair goes through its own cycle of aging with the loss in liquid oil and proteins just like the other parts of our skin. As we age, the scalp gets dehydrated, and produces less sebum and consequently, our hair begins to look dull and loses softness. Age-related lipid changes affect hair greasiness, shine, softness, and smoothness.

Dryness is common in aging hair because our scalps produce less sebum as we age, which means our hair has less natural oil to keep it moisturized. As hormones change, hydrophobic proteins, a type of hair protein that does not retain moisture, increase with age leaving the hair feeling dryer.

In addition, it can be annoying if you’ve been taking really great care of your hair, but it suddenly has a straw-like texture. Your first thought may be that your hair is damaged, and “aging” is probably the last thing on your mind. Little did everyone know that, as you age, the care ingredients are more easily washed off by daily shampooing for aging hair compared to the hair in one’s 20s and 30s. The haircare effects not lasting long is a common phenomenon for aging hair.

But while your hair changes with age, you can update it. As in the rest of anti-aging medicine, the aim of hair anti-aging care is to delay or lessen the effects of aging on hair.

Rewaken Hair Treatment Features

Global Milbon Reawaken Hair Treatment is just for you! Taking a step further, the professional brand Global Milbon which utilizes the unique fusion of science and creativity to offer salon-exclusive hair care, has recently launched this addition of anti-aging hair care to the line.

Featuring their Hair Renewing Technology to bring shine to hair by supplementing with Arraying Oil, which is similar to the liquid oil in the hair, movement of the hair increased, and it smooths out misaligned hair flows, leaving aging hair lustrous and beautiful.

There are two types of hair proteins: hydrophilic proteins, which easily retain moisture, and hydrophobic proteins, which do not. An increase in hydrophobic proteins as we age causes dry hair. Aqua Capturer is included in Global Milbon Reawaken Hair Treatment, it acts on hydrophobic proteins to improve moisture retention and reduce dryness of aging hair.

For those struggling with unsatisfied hair care results as you age, Global Milbon Reawaken Hair Treatment comes with the Lock-In Approach that contains three types of oils (highlight adhesive oil, adhesive-supporting oil, and evenly depressing oil) to keep care ingredients in the hair, thus promoting longer lasting hair care results.

Global Milbon Reawaken Hair Treatment Menu for Our Salon

Intensive anti-aging care to “awake” the beautiful hair with luster and moisture.

45 – 60 mins
Short – $110
Medium – $130
Long – $150
Extra Long – $170

For age-affected (aging) hair

  • A hair treatment with Global Milbon’s Hair Renewing Technology that brings shine and moisture to age-affected hair. The special Lock-in Approach in this hair treatment maintains the hair care results to help achieve more beautiful aging hair.
  • Arraying Oil – Similar to the liquid oil in the hair that smooths out misaligned hair flows and has a high shine-enhancing effect, leaving aging hair lustrous and beautiful.
  • Aqua Capturer – Increases the amount of moisture in the hair and seals the moisture in the hair.
  • Lock-in Approach – Three types of oils to keep/lock the care ingredients in the hair to promote longer lasing hair care results.

Say goodbye to dull and dry hair, and hello to luscious, shiny and moisture hair.

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