OWAY | The Wellness Experience At Number76

We believe that one’s wellbeing always starts from the head.

Every product and steps become an essential part of your beauty routine hence we’ve been curating the ultimate relaxation experience for our guests with the greenfully-designed biodynamic hair care – OWAY.

OWAY utilized the organic and biodynamic ingredients harvested and produced at Ortofficina, a farm estate in the Hills of Bologna with its biodynamic method where the medicinal herbs are distilled at zero-mile, transforming them into organic way ingredients.

The biodynamic method is the purest and cleanest type of cultivation. 
It is free of pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, and synthetic fertilizers used in conventional agriculture.

Now, prepare to release your tensions and dive into the world of zen with Number76 Singapore! 

OWAY Head Spa
120 mins | $ 152

A curated head spa program for hair loss, fatigues, or sensitive scalp concerns.

This aromatherapeutic treatment regenerates the mind and revitalizes the scalp and hair, inclusive of OWAY Herbs & Clay Peeling Cleanser, and complemented with the anti-aging Flowerfall ritual to deeply relax your mind and body.

3 scalp concerns targeted treatment:
Ultra-delicate soothing treatment (for red and sensitive skin)
Provide immediate relief to the scalp with the delicate curated treatment steps whilst improves scalp natural defenses against external stimulants.

Purifying and regulating treatment (for oily/dry dandruff scaling)
A purifying method that combines the purifying power with delicate exfoliation to regulate scalp peeling and prevents dandruff from reappearance over time.
*Indicated both in cases of dry or oily dandruff.

Detoxifying and restorative treatment (for oily scalp)
Provide immediate freshness with antiseptic effect,
designed to regulate scalp sebum excretion, leaving scalp fresh and perfectly purified.

Anti-aging Flowerfall
A ritual to complete the head spa that awakens the youth of scalp and hair with the infusion of organic and biodynamic floral waters, forming a protective shield against oxidative stress.

With this OWAY Head Spa, our professional therapists will provide a complimentary consultation with a thorough explanation of OWAY’s biodynamic treatment and scalp analysis.

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Promo period: 1 – 30 September 2020